Planting the Imperceptible.

This past week, a team of tree-planters...

... nestled 8,000 seedlings into the soil of the 100-ft. buffer-zone around our wetlands. This picture shows the newly created buffer carved out of pasture-land and seeded into wheat last fall. The planting crew has just begun installing trees into the buffer. The seedlings range in size between 6 inches and 2 ft, and are generally imperceptible at this point. 125 seedlings were planted per 1/4 acre over 17 acres, with 8 ft. spacing between trees. This took 225 man hours, which reflected a team on-the-move, taking less than 2 minutes per tree. Species included: swamp white oak, shummard oak, pin oak, white oak, black walnut, red bud, Kentucky coffee, paw paw, shagbark hickory, and wild plum. We expect a 75% survival rate. Though barely visible today, imagine the forest these 500-trees-per-acre will create over coming decades. It will be protected by a conservation easement and thus will never be disturbed by man.

This is planting and planning for the future, which is what each of us does in our own way, to reap appropriate harvest. We feel this effort will strengthen the spirit of our farm, which will be transferred to you through food grown upon it.

The brains behind this effort reside in Jacob Bartley, the gentleman in the baseball cap. His consulting firm, Plum Hill Ecological Services, has been responsible for developing our wetland since 2008. He led the installation of 18,000 trees by hand at that time and now another 8,000. He has controlled invasive species, mapped changes in wetland boundaries, and recorded and submitted extensive monitoring data to the Army Corps of Engineers. In managing this complexity, he has developed one of the most ecologically successful wetland mitigation banks in the state. He represents excellence in every way, which is a rare force in life. We are privileged to work with him.


We have recently experimented with grinding the cut of beef short-ribs to make a special burger, for those who savor extra taste. Susan added some barbecue seasoning to a hand-made, 6-oz. pattie, and we loved it! The short-rib is higher in fat than other cuts, so the burger bursts with flavor. We are considering calling this theShort-Rib Burger, creating packages of two, and offering them frozen and ready to go at $5 per burger or $10 per package. Let us know whether you would be interested in this or of any thoughts you may have on the idea.

We have also discovered one can turn the ordinary into the sublime, by roasting french fries with grassfed beef fat. What a mouthwatering difference!

The picture above includes an English muffin from Blue Oven, salad greens from Becky, Susan's homemade mayonnaise, a pineapple-upside-down cake, irresistible french fries, and an orphaned Robin's egg.

The Flying Pig Marathon will wend its endless way through Hyde Park this coming Sunday, May 3rd, so we will not be fighting that traffic nor asking you to do so. We will stay home this week, but will be attending the following two Sundays - the 10th and 17th.

On-line ordering remains available, with next delivery to East Hyde Park being next Wednesday, May 6 at 4:00 PM.

As mentioned, our Farm Tour is scheduled for Saturday May 30. Price is $25 per person (children under 10 are free), with $10 credit off purchases made that day. Susan's creative spirit anticipates introducing her new American Slider (to accompany the Morrocan) for the occasion, so stay tuned! Payment must be made in advance, either on-line or at the farmers market, by Sunday May 24th.

In strength that planting of trees offers you and us,

Drausin & Susan