As the occasionally brilliant, but often muted, colors of Midwestern fall emerge, they seem to correlate with our aging process.

If spring represents the hope of our 20's and 30's,
and summer tells of the labor of our 40's and 50's,
then fall reflects the wisdom of one's 60's and 70's,
with winter promising peace in one's 80's and 90's.

Despite one's age, this pattern presents itself every 12 months. In both the fall of the year and the fall of life, one feels as if matters are becoming settled. Supportive patterns have been established and quiet celebration permeates the air, due to bounty being reaped. Great colors bedeck the harvest, and as we witness the beauty thereof, we recognize that all feels right with the world for a few moments in time. That magic is unique to this time of year. Thank goodness for the sense of redemption provided by the colors of: red, yellow, brown, and green...

Work on creating our kitchen continues. The room pictured above once stored coal for stoking a furnace. but since the disuse of coal, has laid in dusty abandon. We knocked out a dividing wall, installed generous windows and doors, applied PVC siding to walls, and are awaiting counter-tops and sinks. A 60-inch stove will stand against the stainless steel, with the dot beneath the hood being for a water-spout, with which to fill stock pots. The other end of the room will hold two sinks, a dishwasher, and a prep table. Progress is at hand.

Above is featured a lot of polenta and a little bit of pot roast. Pot roast is easy and delicious during these cooler months. We have found successful temperature and timing to be: 200 degrees for nine hours, along with beef stock, some wine, and herbs of choice. Brown the pot roast before slow cooking. It is a true comfort food. 

This week we move to the indoor farmers' market at Clark Montessori - 3030 Erie Avenue. As winter dawns, please don't forget us and other vendors you patronized throughout the summer. It is hard to maintain a viable business in which revenues drop off precipitously during winter months. We are investing significantly to provide high-quality food for customers every week of the year. If the nutritional benefits of farm-raised food are important to you, please continue to vote with your pocket-book at the farmers market, which often requires intentional acts. At the same time, we know we always have to earn your favor, which keeps us continually striving to do better. We will only succeed by working closely with you, and we hope the quality of your life will only improve by working closely with us.

On-line ordering for delivery this Wednesday is available at: That ordering window closes this Sunday evening.

With gratitude for your patronage and for the colors of redemption,

Drausin & Susan