In this season of motherhood, 

Which presents birth, budding, and renewal,

We are strengthened by new arrivals at our farm. As our veteran border collies slide into golden years, they seem to be developing a penchant for observation above action. So, several weeks ago we brought new strength to the team in "Bo", hailing from Cynthiana, Kentucky. Bo was trained by Vergil & Annemarie Holland, and is the third dog we have acquired from them. Bo is short-haired with brown coloring, while Nick and Dally are long-haired with black & white coloring. Bo is strong in nature and we are learning how to work with him, so he can work with us.

In like manner, as this author slides toward golden age, the astute wife observes his penchant for observation above action. We have acccordingly been fortunate enough to fill this yawning gap through the arrival at our farm this past month of Brendan and Sarah Prendergast, with their children, Ida and Kellen, ages 8 and 10. Brendan and Sarah both grew up in Cincinnati, but have spent the past 8 years in southern Georgia, where Brendan managed a 400-acre farm, which raised and direct-marketed grassfed beef, pastured broilers, eggs, and pecans. Brendan brings expertise in grass-management, animal husbandry, and auto mechanics, while Sarah brings marketing skills, computer savvy, and child-rearing gifts, with both being excellent communicators. We are incredibly fortunate to intersect with their desire to return to Midwestern roots. Their talents have already contributed strength to our effort to improve customer lives by delivering healthy food to them. And we are most grateful.

If you would be interested in meeting new arrivals at our farm, continuing discourse about motherhood, walking in green pastures, meeting border collies and guard dogs, holding orphan lambs, and sampling Susan's American Sliders, join us for our Farm Tour on Saturday, May 30 from 11 - 2. Sign up by going to: We ask that you pay in advance, so we are not stuck with expenses invested for those who choose not to attend at the last minute. Please pay with a credit card on-line or in person at the farmers market, by May 25.

This Sunday the 10th will be the last at Clark Montessori before moving back to Hyde Park Square.

Next delivery date to East Hyde Park, through on-line purchasing, is Wednesday May 20. The ordering window for that date is now open.

We close with a picture of grassfed meatballs - a new product which Susan is developing.

In honor of new arrivals by land and by womb,

Drausin & Susan