As Locust Trees Bloom, 

And Sweet Nectar Begins to Flow,

The mysterious work of bees pollinating plants begins yet again. 

Bringing this to your backyard, Susan and I have discovered a great pollinator of local food and fine-dining in Julie Francis, of Nectar Restaurant, on Mt. Lookout Square. For the past several months, Julie has been serving a Grassroots Burger, created with our lamb and beef. Her renowned Sunday brunch goes until 2 PM, so after a farmers' markets last month, we stopped in to sample the fare. 

We were struck by how authentic both the place and food are. The environment is tasteful, comfortable, and not forced. The food is beautiful, presenting itself naturally, simply, and with dignity. It is allowed to reside comfortably on the plate, as it might at home, but with the clear hand of a professional taking it a number of interesting steps further. The food wasn't stacked like legos or painted like Jackson Pollack, trying to impress the diner with a chef's ego. Julie understands how to let the food speak for itself, favoring restraint. The Grassroots Burger was perfectly prepared and absolutely delicious, as depicted below. I have eaten a lot of them at home, and this was as good as the best of those. We left very impressed with the natural excellence of Nectar Restaurant.

Julie features about a dozen different farmers through her menus. She is a true advocate of local food and brings it to the fore in a most winning way. Nectar Restaurant is a treasure that warrants community support. Julie is a great pollinator, delivering to us the sweet nectar of artistically prepared, nutrient-dense, regional food. Cheers to her

Last week we spoke of new arrivals, and have another to report as of this past Sunday - 8 Duroc piglets! They will be raised on non-GMO grain, pasture, and acorns. We will harvest them this fall, so prepare yourself for a savory venture into sylvo-pastured pork, at that time. Those of you coming to the farm-tour will see the piglets up-close. The picture below shows the specialized waterer we installed and the hot-wire in the background for training, so they will stay contained when out on the landscape. We are taking on a new learning curve with this venture, but given Brendan's experience, feel reasonably confident of navigating the challenges thereof. 


We will be at the Hyde Park Farmers Market this Sunday the 16th, for opeing day on the Square.

We will have with us for the first time a limited number of Short-Rib Burgers, seasoned with chipotle pepper. The pepper doesn't make the mouth burn, but does add a slight zing to a soft, mouth-watering, addictive flavor. The paddies are hand-formed and 6 oz. in size; two to a pack; one pack for $10. Give them a try and let us know what you think. They are on the grill below.

Farm Tour is on for Saturday the 30th. Last day to register is next Sunday the 24th. Please register on-line or in person and pay in advance. 

On-line ordering is found at: http://grassrootsfoods.biz/on-line-purchasing, with next delivery being Wednesday, May 20 at 4:00. The ordering window is now open.

With gratitude for pollinators who deliver sweet nectar,

Susan & Drausin