The spectrum of life on our farm is rich with: decay, death, birth, rest, regeneration, nurture, and bloom...

Above, turkey vultures sort through the compost pile, promoting decay. Below, the lamb flock is in full bloom. Beneath, a pasture that has just been heavily grazed stands in contrast to another that has been rested for 30 days. Then we witness newborn calves, who have arrived through the mighty birth canal, to begin their great journey, and be nurtured by great mothers...

All of this is going on at once, creating a powerful symphony of activity, each representing a different force within the spectrum of life. This spectrum is like an orchestra, producing resonate music that reverberates in our ears and heart, the melodies to which we willingly dance.

The challenge is to be able to hear it all, with the radio in the truck only being a distraction. Listening is the hardest work of all in life, but as we sharpen our skills thereof, we are increasingly motivated by the beauty of the music produced by our land.

It is reputed that each valley in Appalachia creates its own accented banjo music. I am beginning to understand how that can be. With land producing primal vibration, combined with specific initiatives brought to it, like: birthing, grazing, dying, decomposing, regenerating, resting, and harvesting, unique piercing melodies arise, that never seem to end. These are the melodies that stewards of land & animals love.

Minor-key notes issued by decaying trees in our wetlands combine with those from budding Swamp Marigolds to generate accompaniment to the greater farm, like cellos harmonizing with violins in Music Hall.


Nutritious, delicious food is beautiful music in itself. Below we listened to the combined tunes of: smoked boneless leg of lamb, lima beans, corn garnished with sage butter, and cucumber & tomato salad. Emmy Lou would have been proud.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday the 27th at the Hyde Park Farmers Market.

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Listening to the country song,

Drausin & Susan