This noble Belgian in this verdant scene,

Speaks of many things,

One of which is the dawning of evening's shadows. As the sun sets on clear summer evenings, shadows dance across the landscape, in celebration of the goodness of the day and the fleeting moment. 

One of the many interesting aspects of Nature is... the most complex activities and most biodiverse spaces are at the margin of field-and-woods and day-and-night. More activity arises among plants and animals at dawn and dusk than at noon and midnight. So, it is particularly inspiring to watch shadows dance across the evening's landscape, heralding busy encounters.

For some, however, shadows represent darkness and fear. This fear can be dissipated, by recognizing that shadows are temporary and, in fact, represent affirming movement toward renewal. If you find yourself felling marginalized, in the world of dark and confusing shadows, remember that in Nature, there is no place more rich with life than at the margin. So, you are probably in a very good place, that will inevitably lead to light of dawn.

Below is featured beef skirt steak, spinach souffle, tomatoes, beets, and the stalwart of summer - fresh corn on the cob. The skirt steak is rich with fat, like a ribeye, but with finer texture. It is truly delicious. The problem is there are only two skirt steaks per animal, so they are always scarce. This was a fun summer meal.

We processed pastured chickens this week, so have a fresh batch available for your larder. Because they are a seasonal product that can not be grown in the winter, we are trying to raise and hold enough in inventory to carry us through the winter. If you have space to hold them in your freezer rather than ours, that would be helpful. It is an excellent food that can not be found in supermarkets. 

On-line ordering for delivery to Bellecrest & Pape on Wednesday Sept 2nd is available at: The ordering window closes this Sunday evening.

We will see you this Sunday at the farmers market, but not the following Sunday of Labor Day weekend. So, if you need sliders, steaks, chops, burger, chicken, or chili for Labor Day, please remember to stop by this Sunday. 

Among dancing shadows,

Drausin & Susan