As the month turns, ewes and lambs, are deep in grass, preparing for next steps. 

In another two weeks, we will separate lambs from ewes. We will then turn rams in for breeding and begin harvesting lambs. Lambs are almost as big as ewes at this point. We look for 90-lb lambs to harvest.

Note how full and clean the flock looks. This is due to their constant movement across the landscape into fresh grass that hasn't been grazed for 90 days. Electrified net-fences keep the flock from advancing prematurely and from "backgrazing". Backgrazing is how sheep contract parasites, which hatch from manure dropped by the flock, after three days typically. Accordingly, Brendan moves the flock forward every three days. Thus we don't need to give ewes or lambs any chemical dewormers, as is typical of almost every other sheep flock we know of. Moving net fences requires a tremendous amount of work. We spend more hours per week on sheep than on any other animal. Most shepherds are not willing to invest such labor. We are, in order to provide the highest quality lamb  to you - 100% grassfed and no chemicals whatsoever. 

We hope you survived the pleasure of gathering around the table with family and friends for excessive consumption and genuine thanks. This ritual seems to brings the most comfort to the most people, which speaks of its worthiness.

As we migrate to a new week, new month, and new season, it seems fitting to recall tender, grassfed lamb that is coming to harvest soon. Below are chops from a rack of lamb, along with grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes, and kale mixed with rice.  

At the back of the stove is a pot of chicken stock which Susan is simmering - dense with feet, necks, and backs. As we build capacity to produce and process chickens over coming months, we will be offering chicken stock for sale. 

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday November 29 at the Winter Farmers Market in Hyde Park, at Clark Montessori.

On-line ordering for delivery this coming Wednesday, December 2, to Hyde Park and Wyoming, closes Sunday evening. To place on order, go to:

With gratitude for tables of Thanksgiving, followed by lambs of December,

Drausin & Susan