This lichen-covered liberty bell

has served our family for sixty years,

calling home workers, children, and parents from the beyond. Its post rotted this spring, and we have been contemplating where to place it next.  During recent years, it has stood in the partial shade of a maple tree, enabling sculptures of lichen to cover its wetter side.

As our nation's anniversary of freedom arises next week, we each ring the bell which signifies our freedom to be who we are and live as we chose. What a precious gift to celebrate. 

As you contemplate how to celebrate the Fourth of July, consider grilling a boneless leg-of-lamb. One of the virtues of grilling or roasting boneless legs is the uneven thickness of the cut produces meat cooked both rare and medium-rare, pleasing a range of palates. Below is a leg we grilled and smoked, which turned out great.  Accompanying the legs were: baked apples, green beans, scalloped potatoes, ratatouille, cherry pie, Eduardo's cheese, and Blue Oven bread. Quite a feast, generated by Susan's restless and resourceful hand.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday the 28th at the Hyde Park Farmers Market. We will not be in attendance the following week of July 4th, so, prepare accordingly. If there is anything you would like in particular this week, email us, so we can be sure to have it on hand.

We will be grilling American Sliders this week, in celebration of liberty. This is a new product Susan has been working on, featuring barbecue spices. It is as delicious as the Moroccan. 

On-line ordering is also available through Sunday evening the 28th for delivery on Wed the 1st., at:

In tribute to revolutions which have brought us: Liberty, Fraternity, & Equality... and good food! May they continue.

Drausin & Susan