We are enumerating "strands of life" on oak beams in our barn. 

We summon these forces from within on a daily basis, so it seems appropriate to name and celebrate them:

Dignity of Labor
Depth of Heart
Strength of Mind
Power of Soul
Beauty of Spirit

These currents seem to constitute the living experience, whether on a farm or in a city. We need physical strength, we have to care, our minds must be engaged, and our essence must both receive and generate. Out of these efforts, arises beauty of spirit. If we want to live in excellence, all components of ourselves are called upon, whether wiping a baby's bottom, cooking dinner, buying real estate, listening to our spouse, commuting to work, writing computer code, playing chess, making hay, caring for animals, or stewarding children and parents.

The distinct art work above is being executed by Sarah Prendergast, our permanent artist-in-residence, to whom Brendan has the privilege of being married. She has sharpened her calligraphy skills from days-of-old, and is painting these inscriptions on our beams. We are most grateful for her talent.

I am not sure why it feels fitting to celebrate these concepts and place them in view... Probably because they exalt the struggle of daily living, which is where we need the most help.

As cooler seasons dawn, roasted chicken becomes evermore beckoning. Here we witness creamed sweet potatoes, baked apples, green beans, and the last of cherry tomatoes, along with two 3.5 lb chickens. One of the most exquisite savory experiences, in my view, is to take a spoon, after a pastured chicken has been roasted, and scrape the pan for fatty juices at the bottom. They are so intense and rich, like aged cognac, but a lot easier to swallow! 

There are many ways to cook a 5-lb, whole chicken, but one successful method is: 450 degrees for 15 minutes, followed by 350 degrees for 45 minutes

We will see you this Sunday the 18th at Hyde Park Square.

If you are looking for quick and easy foods with which to celebrate winning football teams, our sliders and chili meet the need.

Next delivery for on-line orders is Wednesday Nov 4 at 4:00 PM., the ordering window for which is now open.

In recognition of the strands of life which keep us engaged,

Drausin & Susan