Calves gather in the shade, forming their own tribe. 

Hogs below are never far from each other, often lounging side by side. 

It is the nature of animals and humans to organize themselves in groups. People gravitate to their own families, clans, and tribes, but also to clubs, fraternities, sororities, alumni groups, associations, and,of course, religions. It is how we establish our identity. It is why emblems and symbols thereof seem to endure. All groups are by definition exclusive. But it is okay everybody does not belong to the same group, for those who do not belong to one belong to another. The trick is knowing where one belongs when. One's natural tribe changes during the course of a lifetime, which is fortunate, but can be confusing to the unaware.  

Differences in groups create diversity in society and in ecosystems. If all humans were members of the same clan, with the same name and outlook, we'd be living in a vulnerable mono-culture, not much different than the unstable corn field, sprayed with Roundup and exposed to erosion half the year. We, in fact, depend upon differentiation, upon the tribal nature of Nature, to create a great number of different alliances within the larger whole. This diversity establishes resilience against inevitable and occasionally brutal forces of change ahead.


Last week our wedding anniversary rose to the fore. Susan prepared: braised carrots in bone broth, ratatouille, rack of lamb, and a spinach souffle - the piece de resistance. The souffle was made with a bechamel roux, pastured egg yolks and whites, fresh spinach, and cheese. It was silken. Why go to a restaurant when one can eat like this? There were embarrassingly few leftovers by the end of the evening. 

We will see you this Sunday the 13th at the Hyde Park Market, with next delivery to Bellecrest & Pape Avenues being Wednesday the 16th at 4:00. The ordering window for this on-line delivery closes Sunday evening. You may order chili, sliders, and a host of other items for your Halloween party at: 

In honor of your tribe,

Drausin & Susan