This house we recently renovated,
so its shelter could better nurture.

Decent housing is central to decent living. It comprises one of the three basic needs, the other two being food and love. During the last half of 2014, we renovated this 100-year-old farmhouse, so Landis Weaver could move into it in January. The house was transformed from being dark and tired to upright and happy. For the past three years, Landis has been working from dawn to dusk to build the organic dairy on our farm, and is thus deserving. He is also courting a young lady from a Mennonite community in Maryland, and is thus awaiting. So, he and we are prepared! Good housing attracts good people, as does good food and good loving.

We fed cows haylage for several weeks in January until we removed bulls last Tuesday, and then sent them down the road for another month of grazing. It doesn't look like there is much to graze on the brown hillsides, but green fescue lies beneath, which they covet.

Below is our last chicken, rendered into leftovers with rice, tomatoes, and eggs. Susan refers to it as "farmhouse chicken".