Pictures are worth a thousand words...

... because we are inherently visual.

So, what happens when MailChimp's upload of pictures is not working, as it is not at this moment? Do we substitute each picture with 1,000 words. I have six pictures to share with you. Would six thousand words or ten pages of type serve as a substitute? That would be deadening. The pictures will wait until next week!

Part of the pleasure of living in the country is observing ever-changing pictures. The visual stimulus is so varied, rich, and engaging.

Pictures have historically been hard for humans to create, so they have often been substituted with words. But technology is now making pictures readily accessible, giving rise to new mediums of communication like Facebook. Pictures seem to feed the human soul.

Speaking of feeding the human soul, we will be at the Hyde Park Farmer's Market with food in hand for you tomorrow, Sunday the 18th, from 10 -1.

You may also order online at: , for delivery on Wednesday January 28 in East Hyde Park.

Keegan's Seafood carries our lamb and some beef. 

We envision seeing you soon!

Drausin & Susan