Draft horses at rest,

while planting triticale in the harvested organic corn field.

This may be one of the few examples where the rear is as beautiful as the head! These horses love to work, and it shows. 

#831 is hard at work as well, finding grass through the snow. Notice how broad is her mouth and muzzle, which helps her consume large amounts of grass to thrive. She is in excellent body condition, and her calf is prospering as a result. 

This week we hosted my "Table Group", of which I have enjoyed the privilege of membership for 24 years. This is a small group that periodically meets to ponder issues of the day over dinner. Our ritual is so simple and rewarding, it is nearly perfect.

So, for the occasion, we prepared one of God's preferred foods, which is grassfed lamb shanks. If you can't eat wildcaught fish, the next best thing is grassfed lamb. Here are lamb shanks, slow-cooked overnight in wine, stock, and herbs. The sauce tastes like ambrosia, and the shanks melt in your mouth. 

One of our ponderers was waylaid by work commitments and could not attend, which provided leftovers the next night.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at the farmers market at Clark Montessori on Erie Avenue, from 10 -1.

Alternately, you may order on-line at:
Next delivery date is Wednesday Dec. 10.

We also carry product at Keegans Seafood on Hyde Park Square.

Trying to keep our fannies in shape!

Drausin & Susan