The saving grace of cycles in our lives.

Here Ulysses awaits his daily greeting. And beyond stand ewes and lambs, whose bottoms are clean and bellies full, due to constant and controlled movement. The flock only returns to the same spot in 90 days or more, thus outlasting fledgling parasites. The careful discipline of daily feeding and long rotation of pastures is critical to generating supportive cycles that produce clean food. 

This bowed milkweed plant shares fall glory with chicory, golden rod, and iron weed, as it does every fall.

Cornstalks on a windmill and gourds on display at the local Mennonite market. Pumpkins heading to produce auction, as they always do at this time of year.

Sweet lamb loin chops and derby pie; and slow-cooked lamb shoulder with almonds and olives - one of our favorites for cooler months. 

We will not be attending the farmers market in Hyde Park this week, as we are venturing to another wedding. Weddings and funerals have surrounded us, these past four months. One marks a rich beginning, the other a potent end. They are part of the great cycle of life, bringing order and hope to daily living. These signal ceremonies call us to attend and so we do, penetrating our senses with reflection and appreciation.

See you Sunday October 19, or you may order on-line at: for delivery to East Hyde Park Wednesday October 29,

May the cycles of life be nurturing. 

Drausin & Susan