The face of God is everywhere,

especially in trees.

This picture was inspired by fearless friend and neighbor, Nancy Stranahan, who runs the Highland Nature Sanctuary about five miles up the road. Her Winter Newsletter features "tree people" and the majesty of local forests she is preserving, with the help of many supporters.

So, I went looking in our forest for faces on trees. This one came quickly to the fore. As one regards this face, it slowly shifts and moves into focus, inviting deeper consideration. Note the high forehead, thoughtful eyes, fine nose, articulated and ancient mouth, sweeping hair, and strong neck. This is a face that knows the ages, and is the portal to truth running within that maple tree.

Maple trees must be a favored creation, because of their unusually abundant provision of color, stature, sap, and wood. They project a maternal quality, in all of their beauty and all of their life-force. We know the face of God on this maple tree is well nourished, for having its immediate supply of maple syrup - one of nature's finest nectars. 

We see the face of God in dramatic and common landscapes, in cows, in sheep, and in every thing and every where we are calm enough to behold. 

So, if we find the face of God in these places, we can also find it in our food!

We are beginning to make bone-broth available for purchase, which is a highly distilled food that nurtures without resistance. Like maple syrup, it provides powerful nectar for healing wounds within. 

Susan's Soulful Bone Broth is made with lamb bones, beef bones, onions, celery, carrots, parsley, leeks, bay leaves, thyme, water, and a pinch of salt and pepper. This is reduced and reduced over 14 hours on the stove-top.  It is gelatinous when cold and smooth as silk when heated, with a rich, deep taste that speaks of godly origins.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday the 21st at the Winter Farmers Market in Hyde Park.

You may also order on-line for deliver Monday Dec. 22nd at the corner of Pape & Bellecrest at 4:00 by going to:

Keegans Seafood on the Square carries most cuts of our lamb, which is open seven days a week.

With gratitude for the face of God in each of you,

Drausin & Susan