Field of Swamp Marigolds 

Six feet deep and as far as the eye can see...

We spend a lot of time managing fields of dreams and of grass, but this one, in our wetlands, we don't have to manage at all. It takes care of itself, and in so doing, takes care of us, for which phenomenon we are increasingly grateful.

In contrast, this pasture is grazed by steers-being-finished-for-harvest and recently-weaned yearlings. We are not forcing them to trample as much as we do the cows, favoring growth of animal over conditioning of soil and pasture. This field has not been mowed and thus shows desiccated plants, but much green growth lies beneath which the stock quickly find. 

The morning parade!

At right are 150 newly-arrived baby chicks being reared at Pheryl Zimmerman's farm for you. Note the rounded siding, propane heater, and clean shavings - all important management practices. The chicks will be transferred to grass in about three weeks and within eight weeks will be ready to be harvested for your and our freezers. These steps call for intensive stewardship in order to produce this superior grassfed product, which can't be found at the supermarket.

Great food grown by local farmers - Blue Oven bread, Finn Meadow corn and chard, Becky Portman greens and tomatoes, Spring Valley eggplant, and Grassroots bone-in ribeye. 

If that bone-in ribeye catches your eye, place reservations on-line for delivery this Sunday Aug 7 at Hyde Park Farmers Market or for delivery Wednesday August 17 at our Ault Park rendezvous, by clicking on:  

See you this Sunday.

Drausin & Susan