This is Julio!
... our home-raised Red Devon bull-calf, who is two years old, and recently departed for a farm near Lansing, Michigan.

Julio's father, Sammy, is our current herd-sire, so we had to send Julio to greener pastures to avoid in-breeding in the herd. But he is a beauty. The buyers were two wonderful women - Jill and Mary, long experienced in the production and marketing of artisinal foods, who run 

Technology gods are now feeling more generous, so here are two repressed pictures from last week - of the wild rose and of blackberries, which are red when they are green.

Below are lamb rib chops, which helped us celebrate the nation's birthday last week. A dry-rub of spices was applied, before grilling for several minutes per side over a hot fire. They were so delicious, even vegetarians partook.

We have had a very busy week, which brings this very belated communication, with a note of apology.

Tomorrow we will be at the Hyde Park Farmer's Market, with lamb, beef, chili, and our new product - Moroccan Sliders! We served them for the Farm Tour, and they were so well received, we were inspired to bring them to the market. We have a new vacuum packaging machine, so they are properly presented. They are two ounces in size, and are a mouth-watering combination of beef, lamb, cumin, coriander, paprika, cinnamon, and cayenne. Give them a try - you will be happy you did so.

See you tomorrow!

Drausin & Susan