This jug of honey was delivered on Thursday by Ray Weaver.

He is a neighbor, who dropped off this harvest from his hives, in anticipation that a deer he would be tracking might come onto our property... Such was his explanation, but to us this felt like an expression of his pure goodness; he wanted to give. It was a deep privilege to receive the offering. He was so earnest and his gesture so beautiful, it almost felt sacred.

We are late his week with our communication to you, for being laid low by our "router".  I have always known a router to be a significant piece of carpentry equipment, kept in the basement, that makes impressive grooves in wood. Being laid low by this tool presents a certain intrigue, at least.  But being put out of communication with the world by a small technological device that costs $7 at Radio Shack, and has been named a router by somebody, is simply aggravating... With new router now in hand, we are back into electronic gear, humbled by our dependence and impotence on this front.

Have you ever wondered what organic corn looks like that has been harvested by horses? Well, I did, and this is the answer! Landis and his colleague, Ernest, and their six horses have been harvesting 17 acres of corn these past few days, and loading it into wire bins erected in the barn. It is very impressive how much they accomplish. This corn will provide four months of feed for Landis' dairy cows, at significantly lower cost than buying it on the open market, as he has. 

We witnessed a touching but tragic site on Halloween eve, as we passed through a local town. It was of obese parents leading obese children to a costume parade. It made our hearts weep. 

What is our culture doing to our children and our children's children? Why are we feeding toxic food to leaders of tomorrow? What will it take to correct this profound misdeed?

At what point do we begin rearing our children? Is it at birth, at conception, at marriage, one generation prior, or five generations prior? It is at all of these points in time. We bear responsibility today for our children many generations hence. 

One of the most important acts of love is to provide children with nutritious food. It gives them the strength and courage to be who they are meant to be in life. Real food is a cornerstone of successful living. 

To that end, Susan is developing a recipe for Bolognese Sauce, which we will prepare and sell in 3 cup containers. Coupled with a pound of pasta, it will provide a handsome, delicious, and successful meal for four at very reasonable price, in expeditious manner. More details to follow!

We are close to beginning to harvest our first lambs for the season. If any of you would like to order a whole or half lamb, please let me know within the next two or three weeks. 

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Winter Farmers Market in Hyde Park, at Clark Montessori. Remember you may also order on line at:
with next delivery date being December 12 to East Hyde Park. We also carry product at Keegans Seafood on the Square.

Thank you!

Drausin & Susan