Worthy journeys carry risk,

Even those that have been underway for centuries.

This stunning scene from the Alps of Switzerland depicts fall migration from alpine meadows to valley barnyards. The careful movement of ten cows (with great bells around their necks!) is being tended to by three very alert shepherds, despite that this path has been traveled for hundreds of years. Slippery slopes and precipitous cliffs await the unaware. The father upfront appears to be calling back to the daughter in the middle, whose hand rests upon her favorite cow, while the hired man faithfully brings up the rear. The cows seem to feel safe, and a sense of trust emanates from this picture of man and beast and precarious path, such that we feel certain they will arrive into the valley below.

I identity acutely with this scene, as Susan and I strive to raise and deliver life-affirming food to discerning customers, who are becoming partners. The well-traveled capitalistic path is fraught with steep cliffs over which many tumble. But if we communicate clearly with partners, move carefully and deliberately ahead, keep our hands on that which matters, and follow-up faithfully, trust will arise and guide us to fruition. You are party to this journey and we can only arrive into the verdant valley by working closely with you.

We will be present at the Hyde Park Farmers Market this Sunday the 19th. On-line purchasing is available for delivery at Pape & Bellecrest Avenues on Wednesday Oct. 29 at 4:00 PM, by going to: www.grassrootsfoods.biz , and clicking on the Product tab.

Should you anticipate needing a large quantity of chili or sliders for Halloween or football or other, let us know in advance so we can be sure to accommodate you.

On the path!

Drausin & Susan