Beaches of Georgia

- offering beauty and rest.

Rest is integral to the workings of nature. Without it, there would be no seasons, dormancy of plants, or hibernation of animals, and natural systems would become exhausted and collapse. At our farm, even during the growing season, we employ rest of 60 - 90 days to replenish roots of grazing plants, so they re-establish vigor for lean times, like the next grazing, droughts, or winter.

And so it is with people. We need rest as well, which is difficult to achieve on farms and in households, where demand for stewardship does not cease. But vacations and weekends-off can help meet the need. Susan and I took four days on the coast of Georgia this past week to find stillness and the strength it provides.

The ultimate rest, of course, is death, which is not uncommon on farms. But it is always replaced by life, keeping the cycle of abundance and of faith moving forward. In the past six weeks, both Susan's mother and my father have passed away, after long, celebrated lives. They departed suddenly, though not unexpectedly, leaving behind unique legacy. It is poignant to lose elders in one's life, but their contribution to the tree of life provides oaken branches against which to lean long after their departure.  And so we carry on, enriched by death, inspired by life, and all the while needing rest to punctuate the journey.

What does rest have to do with food? Well, for chronically busy people like farmers and mothers, dinnertime can provide an important moment of rest. It is when body and soul can intersect to restore on a daily basis. The protocol of a lovingly prepared meal presented upon a table asks us to receive it with pause, in respect for the provider, the food itself, and our own selves. This pausing is beneficial, and is one reason good food is so central to enduring cultures.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday August 3. We sold out of Moroccan sliders again several weeks ago, and will have another 200 on hand this Sunday. Visit us during the first half of the morning, if you are interested in them. We will also have pastured poultry, pastured eggs, lamb, beef, and chili available for your households. 

Restfully yours,

Drausin & Susan