Hillsides studded with color,

bring calving season to Grassroots Farm.

This is one of the cows Susan bought at the auction, who gave birth to a bull-calf within a week of arrival.

#1404 suckles so intently that milkshake decorates her face.

This bull calf, born in the rain and less than half an hour old, is figuring out the most important thing he will ever need to know - where mama's teats lie! 

Standing on the head of a giant.

A succulent meal, sourced from the Farmers Market.

We harvested 150 chickens today at 8 weeks of age. They were fed non-gmo feed for about one week less than the last batch and are about 1 lb. lighter on average, ranging from 4 - 5 lbs. We ate chicken liver for dinner this evening, and it was excellent. All of these chickens are in the large freezer, awaiting your connection with them.

We will be at the last outdoor Farmers Market in Hyde Park on Sunday the 26th, before moving indoors to Clark Montessori starting in November. We hope to see you this Saturday, but if you can not attend, you may always purchase on-line at www.grassrootsfoods.biz.

Thank goodness for beautiful colors in the fall and hearty calves to accompany; they enliven the soul.

Drausin & Susan