It is hard to wait, while moving forward.

These dogs are eager to advance, but await the right moment.

One of the hardest things in life is knowing when to wait and when to advance. For those eager to engage, waiting can be very difficult. But timing often is the difference between success and failure, so the most expeditious way forward can be standing still. This is an intense activity in itself, as witnessed in these border collies, which is not to be confused with lethargy or passivity.

This picture was taken this misty morning of ewes awaiting rams, who will present their services soon - on Monday December 8th, so lambing can commence around May 1st. Ewes are biding their time on dense pasture, which hasn't been grazed since May. The pasture was fertilized with chicken manure and lime to provide high nutrition, which should lead to enhanced fertility in ewes and more lambs in the spring.

his bull is glad the eleven-month waiting-period is over. He and his compadre were turned in with cows on December 1, to produce calves starting in early September. They will enjoy the company of the ladies for six mere weeks, before returning to playing cards and telling lame jokes with the guys.

These curried deviled-eggs and this curried chicken-salad provided a recent repast, as if it were summer - so light and delicious.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at the indoor Farmers Market in Hyde Park at Clark Montessori.

Moving forward while we wait and waiting while we move forward,

Drausin & Susan