The ewes are finally belly-deep in grass,

and are loving it.

Note lambs in the picture below. They are being born daily, and we probably have 80 on the ground so far. One ewe is raising quadruplets! 

A few lingering thoughts from previous communications... Regarding the topic of one's eating table, it has been brought to the author's attention that an activity omitted from the list of what transpires around such is birthday celebrations. Of course, and what wonderful memories are created on birthdays around the dining or kitchen table.

The most impressive response about the eating table came from an old friend who said she was born on the pine dining-room table built by her father... Isn't that powerful and magnificent imagery? Hard to conceive of a table being employed for more noble use than a birth.

Last week, we were Off To The Races, and the Flying Pig Marathon should have been mentioned.  Two friends, whom we met through the Farmer's Market, were running in the Marathon for the first time.  We have not heard whether they had the good sense to sit it out on the sidelines or to complete the long march. Races are won in all sorts of ways.

We are still planning on holding a Farm Tour on Saturday May 31, from 11 - 2 or 3. Lunch included. Let us know, if you are interested and able.

We will see you tomorrow at the Market. The following week it moves back to the Square.

Beautiful soft rain yesterday and last night.

Drausin & Susan