Why does the eye not see the obvious?

It took four years to recognize the best place to expand our cattle-handling facility was on the driveway leading to it. Most driveways handle vehicles not livestock, but why couldn't ours? After prolonged deliberation, it became clear our driveway was meant for greater purpose than just vehicles.

Inertia, paradigms, splinters, and haste obscure the obvious. With time, clarity dawns, as with the smiling Mona Lisa...

We have recently completed our cattle-handling facility, so it is now safe to move great beasts through our hands for appropriate treatment. Cattle can hurt handlers quickly, so stalwart facilities are necessary. Four years ago, we cut poplar from our hillside to make posts and rails for the area under roof.

This past month we upgraded outlying fencing and holding areas to contain growing numbers. We had to blink hard to find the vision for completion, but it finally surfaced on the driveway.

Farm Tour is scheduled for Saturday the 31st, from 11 - 3. You will see 400 head of livestock by the end of the visit, some of whom will be obvious and others not.

The summer market at Hyde Park Square opens tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you there and for the remainder of the season.

Drausin & Susan