The Virtue of an Empty Wagon

Isn't there a beauty to these wagons, light with promise?

When they become deployed, they are burdened with expectation. So, as they sit here, in meditation, we recognize them for their dignity.  

Soon enough, they will shed their pose to become tools of implementation. The large steel wagon was an old logging truck, which, in retirement, now hauls round bales of hay about the farm.  And hay-making is about to begin again. The wooden wagon will carry visitors this Saturday and then undergo rapid transformation to become an egg-mobile by June 3, when we pick up 50 Austrolarp laying hens. 

These are Landis Weaver's draft horses, in the pasture below our house. They are hard at work these days mowing fields and making hay, being very skillfully managed. It is a pleasure to live around them, in contrast to noisy tractors.

This week we will not be at the Hyde Park Farmer's Market, as we are hosting a Farm Tour on Saturday.

If any of you are expecting or would like to attend the Farm Tour, but haven't heard from us, please make contact to confirm. I am trying to contact Susan & Jimmy Eriksen, in particular.  If anybody has their email addresses, would you forward them to me?

We look forward to seeing some of you this Saturday and the rest of you on Sunday, June 8th.

Drausin & Susan