That which is timeless - 

beautiful flowers and good food.

These daffodils reside around the foundation of an abandoned homestead on our farm, and were probably planted 70 or 80 years ago. They just emerged this week. One can't help noticing the density, complexity, and beauty of the flower, compared to the sanitized and simplified version of today's cousin.

Here is Frostbite, not yet 3 months old, showing much promise as a future bull. Note the large "heart girth" behind his front legs compared to the girth before his hind legs. Also his straight back. He is already looking thick and "masculine."

Frostbite is a purebred Red Devon, which heritage breed stems from Devon, England. These animals have not been sanitized and simplified for the feedlot, and thus retain the genetic density and complexity required to produce excellent food off of grass.

Here he is at rest with playmates.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Farmer's Market at Clark Montessori. Apparently it will be warm enough to be out of doors.

Susan has prepared Soulful Chili for tasting and purchase, and is at work creating a recipe for Summertime Moroccan Chili for warmer months.

We will also have in-tow extra legs of lamb for those inclined.