Do these pictures make your mouth water?

On-farm research suggests grassfed ribeye steaks are good for love-making.

Universities have not caught wind of this phenomenon yet, but anecdotal evidence keeps surfacing in the country that grassfed ribyes enhance love-making, in the same vein as fish and oysters.  So, we no longer need to feel disadvantaged we don't live near oceans, as midwestern pastures can supply all the amour we need.

This connection raises the question: What is love-making? 

Susan and I pondered the age-old inquiry, as we beheld the view above, over a glass of wine. The longer we looked, the more we saw, and the more our hearts filled... Isn't that what happens when love is being created? It somehow grows out of the detail of life into an expanded and unexpected dimension.

For instance, this view framed by stout walnut trees, became deeper and deeper as we studied it and our stillness grew. The broccoli-studded hillside is always remarkable. Upon closer inspection, we could see dairy cows on the farthest strip of pasture below the broccoli, and below that a sliver of hay just made by Landis and horses. Then the pasture mowed at various increments, followed by a corral, in which young dairy calves had recently been moved before their journey onto grass. And to the left are draft horses, replenishing themselves after a full day of work. Each detail is remarkable in itself, but it is the interaction among them that creates a greater story, which fills the heart.

So, as we connect with each other - by body, soul, spirit, and mind, creating wholes greater than sums of parts, and propagating love for which we hunger, remember that grassfed ribeye steaks will take you wherever you need to go. It is being proven in the countryside.

While tough-love is a necessary part of life, tough steaks are not. Grassfed beef steaks and lamb chops should not be cooked beyond medium-rare. If you do, they will be tough, and you and we will be disappointed. If you like steaks cooked medium or more, don't invest in dear grassfed products. Ideally, grassfed chops and steaks are cooked rare, leaving you with tender food to match tender love at the table.

We will be attending the Hyde Park Farmer's Market this Sunday June 29 and will be delivering to the Hyde Park neighborhood at Pape & Bellecrest Avenues, near Ault Park, on Wednesday July 2.

Look forward to seeing you then.

Susan & Drausin