Wildflowers in July

Reminding us of home

   Butterflies on the butterfly flower and day lilies lining the roadside

Dancing shadows from the late evening sun.

The impermanence of technology is a source of both heightened effectiveness and deep frustration in our lives. At this moment, I am trying to include three more pictures in this correspondence, which temperamental technological gods have decided not to allow. The pictures are of: black-eyed susan's, wild roses, and blackberries bushes. So, for the time being, we will imagine them. When the behavior of those gods returns to normalcy, we will share the pictures. 

We will not be at the Hyde Park Farmers Market this Sunday

Our egg-mobile has been finally completed and within 10 days, we will have meat chickens for sale. Neither of these products is permitted for us to sell at the HPFM, for some reason, so please start to use our on-line ordering system. We will make deliveries to the Hyde Park neighborhood on Wednesday afternoons to a delivery point near Ault Park. And if that doesn't work, contact us and we will work out delivery that does.

So, the flowers of summer remind us of beauty and heat and vibrancy of the eco-system in which we live. They are faithful and permanent. They allow the soil to regenerate and in so doing, offer bounty such as grassfed foods to enhance lives.  

See you on Sunday July 13, if not sooner.

Drausin & Susan