The Power of the Horse Persists...

Despite and beside technology.

These noble beasts spent last night with us, and most of them ended up on our lawn this morning, in mischief and leaving calling cards, before going to work. They belong to neighbor, Ernest Martin, who is partnering with Landis Weaver to grow 15 acres of organic corn on our farm for Landis' dairy.

We have some ambivalence about this project, due to the tilling of soil and release of carbon, but are willing to look and learn. Horse-powered tillage of organic corn on-the-farm may leave less carbon footprint than tractor-powered corn imported by diesel truck from 30 miles away. So, we will observe... In the meantime, this planting will lower Landis' cost of feed. And for us, it is certainly inspiring to witness these skilled young draftsmen at work with their beautiful animals.

As reminder, we will not be at the Winter Hyde Park Farmer's Market this Sunday, but will be next Sunday April 6.  At that time, we will have in tow: chili, ground beef and ground lamb, roasts, and freshly processed steaks.

Hopefully Spring will have sprung by then.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Drausin & Susan