... a feral daffodil against an old fence, 

... a swollen creek,

... and legs of lamb!

April is a traditional time for celebrating life by enjoying a leg of lamb. We have cooked ours numerous ways and find it best cooked relatively quickly. Slow-cooking a grassfed leg dries it out too much, so we prefer aiming for a "pink" degree of doneness. Many recipes offer how to cook a pink leg of lamb, but we have found successful the approach of cooking at high heat initially, followed by moderate heat, while turning the leg periodically, for one and a half to two hours, depending on weight. Check our website for the recipe we have found successful. We hope we can entice you to enjoy this beautiful cut of meat - it is so sweet and tender.

We will be at the Farmer's Market in Hyde Park this Sunday, April 6. Susan has been preparing chili, which will be available fresh and frozen.  We will also have the usual assortment of beef and lamb. 

In submission to the lions and lambs of April,

Drausin & Susan