Wildfires Of The Southeast Paid Us A Visit Two Weeks Ago

We have enjoyed beneficial rains every week of the spring and summer, making for an ideal growing season, until mid-August. Since then, we have not received more than two inches of rain. Two Saturdays ago, the wind was high, the grass was dry, the leaves on the forest floor were very dry, and a neighbor at the top of the hill started an habitual trash-fire in her back yard around noon. By 1:00 we could see thickening and spreading plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. We could also hear sirens of fire engines approaching. The trash-fire had escaped onto dry grass and rapidly advanced into our forest. A level of dread arose, from our distance, as the prospect of a full-fledged forest fire seemed imminent... Fortunately, the neighbor had called the fire department right away, and by the time I arrived at the scene with shovel in hand, the flame was largely contained by heroic firemen. But several acres of under-story of our woods had burned and could have spread over several hundred acres. It was a very close call and an alarming event that caught everybody's attention. This brief experience with large fire apprised me how small and vulnerable one is when confronting a serious inferno. Interestingly, the primary tool for arresting the spread of the fire was a leaf-blower, as depicted in the picture below on the right.

We have not had to deal with forest fires much in the past, but with the advent of climate change and droughts, this may be an increasing phenomenon with which we will have to reckon.

When trauma like forest fires threaten, it is always heartening to take stock of the youth on the farm. Here is a sample.

Below are pork chops, which were cooked in a 400 degree oven for five minutes and then put on the grill to be seared. They are accompanied by a cherry sauce, rapini, cornbread, and Canellini beans. The chops were brined in salt water and sugar for several hours beforehand, adding to their succulence.

We will resume presence at Findlay Market this Saturday and at Findlay and Hyde Park this Sunday. If you have special requests for the holidays, let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate. Remember that sliders and homemade mayonnaise are great for entertaining and chili is a classic comfort-food at this time of year.

We also are offering a holiday package of our prepared foods, where you purchase 20 servings of prepared meats for $5.35/serving or $107, at 20% off list price. In addition, we now have Gift Certificates available for $50 and $100, to be redeemed by May 31, 2017.

You may order on-line and in advance by going here:

Than you for being partners and fighting wildfires of all sorts with us!

Drausin & Susan