Buildings are all womanly.

Their roofs are like the flanks of mares, the arms and the hair of wives.
The future prepares its satisfaction in them.
In their dark heat I labor all summer, making them ready.
A time of death is coming, and they desire to live.
It is only the labor surrounding them that is manly,
the seasonal bringing in from the womanly fields to the womanly enclosures.
The house too yearns for life,
and hot paths come to it out of the garden and the fields,
full of the sun and weary. 
The wifeliness of my wife is its welcome,
a vine with yellow flowers shading the door.

        Wendell Berry

Spiritual adviser to many of us on the land, Wendell Berry ascribes womanhood to buildings. He sees in them the strength, embrace, and raw beauty of women. Many might regard buildings as male, being stout and forbidding, as some are. But most barns display a grace and majesty that is indeed feminine, which Wendell Berry articulates so clearly. His view of womanhood is also far-ranging, from engagement in fields, where action is undertaken, to standing as buildings with flowing roof-lines, where protection is found and the future secured, to offering "wifeliness", through which partnership is consummated. This is a full and dignified regard of womanhood.

And it is fitting, for life on a livestock farm is centered around females. Our farm supports over 400 females! That is a lot of estrogen to consider, but consider one must, if the abundance they offer is to be realized. Below to the right, we are trying to realize improved egg-abundance through the winter, by offering more shelter in this barn, than is possible with the mobile unit. 

We recently received an order for a large amount of bone broth from a gentleman who has been experiencing issues with digestion. This order galvanized production of bone broth and chicken stock, back in the kitchen, as pictured below. It is a long, slow process to make good stock of any sort. The resulting nectar enriches all soups, vegetables, and slow-cooked meats.

We also received word that meat we donated to the City Gospel Mission on Dalton Avenue was recently prepared and served with much pride. City Gospel Mission carefully supports those dealing with homelessness and addiction to reenter society, through a rigorous and extended program. Offering good nutrition is essential to this process. We are grateful to contribute to a cause so worthy, and couldn't do so without your support of us, making connections through food far-reaching. Chef Antonio prepares legs of lamb below. 

The link to our Gift Pack for eight prepared foods was broken last week, I discovered after the fact. A "/" was missing. Why aren't computers more like the game of horseshoes? Close ought to be good enough, but alas it is not. So, we try again. Please order this Gift Pack in advance, if possible, so we can have it ready for you. This is our last weekend at markets before Christmas and New Years, which fall on subsequent Sundays.

Beth & Bob will also be attending Findlay Market this coming Thursday and Friday to support last minute shopping for the holidays. Any orders you can place in advance are helpful. We will also be making a delivery to the Milford shopping center on Wednesday the 21st.

Below are pictures of making omelettes - a rewarding food at any time of day and in any season of the year. Few foods are so versatile.

May the womanly buildings in your life continue to prepare the future to your satisfaction,

Drausin & Susan