This Chinquapin Oak Sapling Dances Elegantly in the Forest ...

... bringing lightness to nearby woods, charred by fire. This is a great time of year to witness the character of trees in the forest. When travelling back from charred acreage several weeks ago, the beauty and intrigue of the naked trees caught my attention. The forest felt particularly magnificent and courageous, like the homeplace of Nature, spawning and harboring all of life. The smooth grey of Beech trees both reflected and obscured light, bringing brilliance and shadows to winter woods, as in the lower left. One tends to think of trees as being linear and erect, but the Maple sapling on the lower right experienced a humorous and perhaps painful detour to its path, as transpires with so many of us... The human story is fully recounted in the forest, which is why we have to protect it. For it is us. 

We are seeing gratifying interest in our holiday Gift Pack, which supplies 8 prepared foods (18-20 servings) from Susan's Soulful Kitchen, at a 20% discount, for $107. The meats are: Moroccan Sliders, Shortrib Burgers, Bolognese Sauce, Chili, Beef Barbacoa, Pulled Pork, Meatballs, and Italian Sausage. Pictures below are of all but the sausage. 

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We turned bulls in with cows yesterday, to produce calves in mid-September. They will enjoy a 45-day window with the ladies, before returning to bachelor quarters for ongoing bickering and card playing. 

Speaking of bachelors, here is a perfect lunch, prepared for the unimaginative but gastronomically discerning bachelor- large spoonfuls of homemade mayonnaise accented with a few slices of chicken breast. Absolutely delicious!

As our calendars reveal, Christmas and New Years are each on a Sunday this year, so you will need to do your shopping at the farmers market for both over the next two weekends. Susan and I will be at Hyde Park on Sundays the 11th and 18th. Beth and Bob will be at Findlay Market Saturday and Sunday of the next two weekends, weather permitting.

May trees in your life bring you courage and the wreaths upon your door glad tidings.

Drausin & Susan