This was once a very respectable Man Cave -

replete with hanging cobwebs, dirt, dust, poor lighting, slight heat, and important piles of discarded stuff from the ages. It was a great place to make copious amounts of sawdust and contemplate infinity. Seclusion was inevitable, and one could truly settle down to the business of successfully accomplishing little over long periods of time in this space.  

This priceless virtue has recently been lost to renovation. It is now a place of the Woman Warrior - bright, light, warm, clean, and highly productive. This is our new "commercial kitchen". You can see a token nod to the past in one corner, for there are times when it is handy to call the old man forth to peel garlic and clean pots and pans... So, now we cohabitate a veritable S/he Cave, with she commanding a lot more of the real estate than he.

What is the purpose of this S/he Cave, other than to clean up the basement and keep the marriage interesting? It is: to improve the lives of customers, by preparing nutritious, savory, and convenient foods for delivery to you. We now have room to bring in support to prepare these foods, so the culinary load does not rest so heavily on Susan.

First preparations in this new kitchen were Grassroots fried chicken (with rice and kale) and a vat of rich bone broth, as below.

We will be creating a pulled pork-product soon, making this scene all the more relevant. Brendan has just moved our Berkshire hogs from barnlot to woodlot, employing a retrofitted horse-trailer to do so. The woodlot is situated on a rising hilltop, and the hogs are quickly adapting to the view. They are very friendly and enjoy finding shelter in an old bale of hay.

This past weekend we recruited dear friends to help us break in the kitchen - Addison, Jaimie, Sachin, and Divya. They made sliders and short-rib burgers with us, after we enjoyed a lunch of: Coque au Vin, creamed brussels sprouts, baked apples, and polenta, prepared by a warrior in her new venue.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday the 24th at Clark Montessori (3010 Erie Avenue) from 10-1.

On-line ordering is now open, for delivery to East Hyde Park on Wednesday afternoon,
Feb 3, by going to:

From a cave with promise,

Drausin & Susan