Majestic tulips standing before the storm.

Cold winter days seem so domineering, forcing subjects to the same demeanor. Yet, many shades of white proliferate. We witness: defiant tulips, comfortable ewes, ice-burdened hillsides, curious roosters, and a resourceful squirrel, all within the same day, each making a different statement. The richness of response leaves us willing to face more weather somehow.

I watched this squirrel carefully transport that nut in her mouth, from her cache, up the tree-trunk and out onto the very end of a branch, where no competitor could reach her. She then proceeded to work the nut round and round, until it became digestible fare. There is an animal who knows about larders and the rationing of scare supplies of nutritious foods. We can learn from her!

Chicken necks, wings, and feet are on their way into the large pot to make chicken stock, which we will have prepared to sell by next Sunday the 27th.

Pot roast and polenta warm the stomach and heart in weather like this. Cooking pot roast at 200 degrees for 10 hours has worked for us, rendering it tender and delicious. Leftovers improve with each passing day.

This Sunday the 21st we will see you at Clark Montessori.

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In the wonder,

Drausin & Susan