It is always prudent to have a goddess on one's team!

Goddesses inspire the unusual, provoke new directions, expand horizons, pick up their collaborators, see around corners, are tireless in the quest, provide endless support, are fertile with ideas, and can be totally entertaining. At times, they can be ever-so aggravating, for they are usually right in concept and not always subtle in delivery. They often operate in their own dimension, creating protocol as they proceed, rather than adhering to the company line. Their inherent fearlessness can alternate with high caution, for reasons unexplained. They are thoroughbreds, who win races. If you have big arms, a goddess is a powerful ally on the team. You may wonder what you wished for at moments and you will need to hold onto your hat during the journey. They are not to be tamed, which is why they are goddesses!

The open spaces of a farm provide great place for goddess energy to be absorbed without crescendo. Wetlands, trees, grasses, forbs, living soil, and vital animals all provide natural companionship for the spirit of a goddess.

We have a number of goddesses at our farm. As you see in the picture above, Susan now has a pool fit for a goddess, and she qualifies in many regards. Sarah is strong-minded and talented, bringing great energy to our landscape. She and Brendan are raising willful daughters, who already hold promise to make a difference in the world. Some of our animals present extra dimension to them, which harkens to the heavens. Our lead guard-dog, Abbie, and our new one, Coquie, both are strong of spirit. Some of the lead cows are clearly exceptional in presence and performance. The ewes are other-worldly by nature, and seem imbued with spirituality. Hens are productive, elegant, and periodically demanding, so they qualify as well. 

A farm with livestock is a place where the female spirit reigns supreme. The cycles of Nature are alive and active on such farms. On ours, it is a privilege to live among so much mother-force and goddess energy, for it is rich and productive, and is thus one of the primary sources of our well-being. So, bring on the goddesses! They are not always easy, but they are always great.

This hot and humid time of year stimulates growth in many areas, one of which is the herb garden, as below. Susan's includes: mint, Thai basil, sweet basil, lemon balm, French sorrel, Italian parsley, lemon thyme, German thyme, rosemary, chives, savory, and Greek oregano. All of these are employed in her soulful products, such as: sliders, mayonnaise, bone broth, bolognese sauce, and chili. Below is a picture of American Sliders, which are all-beef and more mild than the Moroccan or Vietnamese.

Speaking of kitchens, we had a follow-up visit last week from the Food Safety Division, of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Even though the Meat Division has disavowed responsibility for us, Food Safety seems to want to adopt us. The lady "consulting" was a goddess herself, replete with winning tattoos, stemming from ear to foot. She was highly intelligent, fully sympathetic, and complimentary of the kitchen we have built. She did not issue mandates, but only suggestions. If we execute the following steps, we can gain certification as a Manufacturing Kitchen for retail sales: 

1) create a Standard Sanitation Operating Procedure (SSOP) for our large stock pot, which doesn't fit in the dishwasher,
2) have the well water tested annually,
3) attach a hands-free adapter to our hand-washing sink,
4) provide paper towels rather than linen towels for drying hands,
5) provide a finished surface for wooden baskets holding implements,
6) label unmarked jars and bottles with a sharpie,
7) have our scale certified by the department of Weights & Measures,
8) list all sub-ingredients on labels.

We can implement these suggestions readily.... Our bald eagle is guiding us forward!

Our Farm Tour is set for Saturday, September 10, from 11 - 3. We will see laying hens, pigs, sheep, and cattle on a walking and wagon tour, followed by a late lunch. The first 30 people who sign up will witness the wonders. More people than that is hard for us to manage. Please make reservations by going to:

A distinguishing attribute of the goddess with whom I live is an insistence on celebrating life on a daily basis, preferably through good food, but also through other gestures. This can create a challenge for unimaginative souls accustomed to plodding forward for another day's work, but, I confess, it has proven liberating to try to meet the challenge. 

We recently celebrated daily living with a rack of lamb, on a Sunday evening after the market. In accompaniment were: Blue Oven bread, mozzarella from Eduard and Sergio, baked apples from Dennis and Nate, ratatouille from Hazelfield, and egg frittata from our hens. 

If you would like to order meats for pick-up at the market without having to stand in line, please go to:

We will see you this week and next at Milford on Saturday and Hyde Park on Sunday.

May the energy of our goddesses carry us forward!

Drausin & Susan