We are building an alter for daughter-Mary's wedding.

In early October, she, the intended, and a troop of friends and family will descend upon our farm. We are recruiting ancient forces from the "Devonian Period", of 400 million years ago, to produce this alter, so she and he may successfully tie-the-knot. Now that is commitment!

Note the ripples on the sandstone, imparted by shallow seas that once covered this land. This stone is six feet long, six inches thick, and three feet wide. It was mined in a small quarry in the hillside across the road,  by "LEO", we assume, whose name is engraved on the stone. For the past 50 years, it has been resting atop and covering a shallow, hand-dug well on our property. Last week, we lifted the stone off with chains and front-end loader, filled the well with gravel, and carefully transported the stone and Leo to their new resting place, elevating them to renewed purpose. 

If any of you feel inclined to reaffirm vows, we now have a place before which to do so and a stone in which to chisel your testimony. There is no need to rush, however, as the opportunity should be around for another 400 million years. 

This is the last week to sign up for the Farm Tour on Saturday, September 10, from 11 - 3. You may do so at the Farmers Market or by going on-line to:

Sirloin steak on the right and strip steaks on the left, cooked rare. Grassfed steaks cooked beyond medium-rare result in tough eating. Heirloom tomatoes above were exquisite. It is such a treat to experience their gentle, bursting, intense flavor, so unlike those found during the rest of the year.

On-line ordering puts you first-in-line at the market with minimal standing around, and is available at:

We will see you at Milford on Saturday and Hyde Park on Sunday.

In deference to ancient alters which await our vows,

Drausin & Susan


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