Resplendent clouds remind us to pause and witness.

As is too often the case in the rush of a day's work, we do not see the obvious. These clouds were a magical spectacle, performed in the great hidden space above, last weekend, lasting only minutes. Fortunately, we were uncharacteristically quiet enough to witness the magic. What a fabulous few moments those clouds offered, as they passed by, so rich with presence, color, majesty, and intention. They were nature's marching band, strutting down the boulevard of the great blue beyond. We felt lucky to have looked up in time.

Sometimes the day's work is not so resplendent. Last week we sorted through 200 bovines - palpating, dehorning, vaccinating, eartagging, and castrating. It was a long day at the office. Three of our 63 cows were not bred, which is a favorable report. A young heifer calf, on the right below, was behind the wrong cow at the wrong time, as periodically happens to all of us. We empathize with her first day at the office!

We had to bury our fourteen-year-old border collie, Nick, this past weekend. He was our first border collie, and he taught us much about dogs, sheep, and life. He was trained by Vergil Holland, in Cynthiana, Ky., and was fiercely loyal to his masters and fearless as a predator. He loved both to work and not work, making him low-maintenance and affectionate during off-time. His acumen enabled him to rise through the ranks on our farm, to become chairman-of-the board, guiding us toward promising prosperity. With his passing, we will have to replace him with a lowly two-legged beast. Nick had a lot of soul, and we miss him already.

he farmers market in Hyde Park will not be open this Sunday, but Beth & Bob will be attending Findlay Market on Saturday. If you would like to place an order to pick up on Saturday, send us an email by Friday noon.

Below is one of our favorite meals -  pan fried (& roasted) pork chops, baked apples, polenta, and kale.

Don't forget to sign up for the Farm Tour on Saturday May 13, only a month away.

My our day's work be invigorated by taking note of clouds, bringing us this season of: hope, birth, and liberation,

Drausin & Susan