The onset of Redbuds is a harbinger of riches to be revealed in the woods in the year ahead.

Nature is obviously coming awake, as grasses are growing, trees are turning green, birds are migrating, and wildflowers are emerging. Susan and I took a walk in the woods last weekend to look for wildflowers. We are typically too busy for leisurely strolls, but the weekend off provided welcome opportunity. 

We were primarily looking for Trillium, but also found Trout Lilly, Spring Beauty, Hairy Buttercup, and Phlox. The woods have not yet become dense with green, so it is an inviting moment to witness contrasts between winters' brown cast and springs' emerging colors. Morels are imminent, but would not reveal themselves. Orange fungus on decaying limbs did, however. Best of all, a majestic, decaying, oaken log gave succor to lungs and legs, from which to behold the tapestry.

The woods at this moment are like a museum showing a few of its prize artifacts, before the show commences and crowds descend. It is privilege to witness nature's first pageantry.

One situation in which bleached white-flour stands proud is within a stack of pancakes! These below were heavily accented with Ontario maple syrup, Irish butter, and blueberries. Grassroots woodlot bacon accompanied to legitimize this sumptuous indulgence.

We are restocked with bacon, should you seek some for breakfast feasts, sandwiches for lunch, or omelettes for dinner.

We just received this testimonial from Dr. Gary Huber, who recently bought a side of beef from us.

As promised some report on your product. We grilled the strips and the flank for Easter Sunday and it was AWESOME!! Great taste and surprisingly tender for grass fed meat. A thing of beauty.

I can give a testimonial for your farm any time you need it. Great work Drausin & Susan. Greatly appreciated. I hand your card out to all who are not interested in getting a side piece of beef.

Easter dinner is a significant moment in which to present good food. We are gratified by those who have shown faith in our products to bring them to the table at this time. We are particularly intrigued with how the smoked legs-of-lamb worked out.

We look forward to reconnecting with all of you this weekend. Beth & Bob will be at Findlay Market on both Saturday and Sunday. Susan and I will be at Hyde Park on Sunday. We thank Gary and each of you for your support.

With gratitude for the rewarding walk in the woods with customers and for the brief one last weekend with wildflowers,

Drausin & Susan