Cincinnati's newest and best restaurant is 8th & English.

Last Saturday night, we enjoyed the opening weekend of this new restaurant in O'Bryonville. It primarily features fish, but also several dishes of our grassfed lamb (creating further connection between Hyde Park and Pike County). The evening was an inspiring success, by our standards. 

Chef and owner, Chase Blowers, understands balance and restraint in an atypical way. Both the environment and food that are presented support the patron, allowing her to breathe throughout the evening. The decor is authentic and tasteful, immediately establishing comfort. It is highlighted by intriguing prints of fish on walls, derived through the Japanese method of "Gyotaku". This method employs fish, ink, and rice-paper to create stunning renditions of God's greatest food. And then the food arrives, beautifully cooked, honoring food itself, so one may savor inherent flavor. The plate and contents arrive in simple elegance, without pretense. The message is not about a chef dominating the patron, but about revealing the essence of naturally great food, advanced to restrained perfection on the stove, and delivered to you simply to savor and respect.

How does this happen? Well, it comes from the quality of person, chef, and businessman that Chase Blowers has become. He is a mature, young man in his mid-30's, bringing all of himself to this venture. His spirit, heart, passion, and love are in the room and on the plate. And you feel it.

The restaurant is named in honor of Chase's Eighth Grade English teacher, the kind of teacher that leaves a lifelong imprint. Chase is a humble person, who understands special people and special food. He understands that successful dining is not about testosterone, but about releasing wonders of nature and humanity together, so they may intermingle to speak in poetry. He guides this release with full confidence and eastern restraint. This is an evolved sensibility, rarely found in dining establishments. May Chef Blowers continue to offer his rare blend of humility, love, and understanding of sacred food.

He has put himself and his family at considerable risk to create a distinct and superior work of art for the community. We were moved by the symphonic experience he is generating at Eighth & English, and are honored to provide lamb for his artistry. We encourage you to support this fine contribution to a better world. By the time we departed at 8:30 PM, the place was packed. The word is already out!

As the rains continue to fall, the creek continues to rise...

We offered samples of smoked boneless leg-of-lamb at the market on Sunday, and accordingly received a number of orders. Please confirm your orders, and whether you would like to pick it up this Sunday at Hyde Park or next Saturday at Findlay Market. If you would like to place a new order, please do so on-line or by sending an email. 

Beth & Bob will be at Findlay Market this Saturday, but not Sunday. Susan & I will be at Hyde Park this Sunday.

May we each honor our 8th Grade English teacher.


Drausin & Susan