Just south of the Ohio River, Derby Day commands high attention.

In anticipation of the most exciting two minutes in sports, those with blood of Kentucky in their veins faithfully prepare, so their counterparts may Run for the Roses. The stories, pageantry, excitement, and equine beauty of the Kentucky Derby is unsurpassed, always making for memorable impression. Susan rises to the occasion each year, to celebrate her home state and its many glories.  The highlight of the Kentucky Derby for her is singing My Old Kentucky Home, with the race itself placing second, and the ensuing meal for "show".

She makes fried chicken in tribute, and here is a mountain of legs and thighs, from our pastures. Corn-pudding accompanies, along with asparagus salad. The piece de resistance is Derby Pie - as rich and sinful and delicious as any dessert of chocolate and walnuts can be. Our in-house run for roses went on all week, as I happily worked through leftovers.

This is the last week for the Hyde Park Farmers Market at Clark Montessori on Sundays, before returning to the Square. Beth & Bob will be in force at Findlay Market on both Saturday and Sunday. And they will commence at the Blue Ash market this coming Wednesday afternoon. I will be making a delivery to Milford on Wed the 17th at 5 PM, so Milfordites, please submit orders by Sunday evening the 15th. We also have our Farm Tour this Saturday, and I will be sending separate communication about its details to participants.

Let us close with a picture of saplings emerging among grasses. We have not mechanically mowed this pasture for three years, trying to to employ livestock rather than fossil fuel toward that end. This strategy has proven more effective than anticipated, but because most of our farm was once wooded wetland, trees are always trying to return. It looks like we will have to bring the mower out periodically to keep the forest at bay.

May we all take time to celebrate a run for roses, 

Drausin & Susan