The timeless serpent of this mound honors the summer solstice.

The alignment of the head of Serpent Mound, in Adams County, points to the setting sun on June 21. Beautifully undulating coils of the serpent's body align with the winter solstice, the spring equinox, and the fall equinox. This fascinating earthen structure was built around 300 BC, by sophisticated native Americans, upon land thrust upwards by the strike of a meteorite, rendering it dense with astronomic power. Serpent Mound is over 1,300 feet long and three feet tall, and is the largest serpent-effigy in the world. It is a powerful site, full of concept, dignity, and magic, on par with the cathedrals of Europe and the pyramids of Egypt.

It is managed by Arc of Appalachia, is a National Historic Landmark, and is being considered for designation as a UNESCO world-heritage site. This magnificent serpent resides only 15 miles from our farm, the picture of which was taken last weekend. 

The moment of the Summer Solstice is potent with affection and promise. At this time, birthday parties glide into endless evenings, fireflies fascinate and decorate, and wildflowers adorn a sense of the future, whether they be Tiger Lilies, Milk Weed, Wild Rose, Elderberries, or Trumpet Vines.

Human Treasury is precious, and two significant contributors to us, at this time of year, are Susan's children, Sebastien and Alexandra Hue. They are tireless contributors to the Slider Shack, now with its own tent. They keep the delivery of grilled Moroccan, Vietnamese, and American sliders moving forward expeditiously. We are most grateful for their faithful and heartfelt support. It takes a village, of which they are a part, to do this kind of work.

Sebastien inherited his mother's passion for relentless study of culinary culture, and recently managed to parlay this knowledge into a consulting assignment with Kroger. His nascent marketing company, BS LLC, was hired to accompany a buying-trip to Italy. He wrote an extended report, under the pseudonym of Blake Simpson, for those interested in how the fast-pace business of Kroger might intersect with Italy's ancient world of slow-food. His account reflects high intelligence and deep understanding of food and culture, as attached.

As the Fourth of July dawns, we recommend celebrating with short-rib burgers or sliders. Short rib burgers are luscious and familiar, as above. Sliders are intense and exotic. Both work beautifully on grill or stove-top.

We look forward to seeing you at familiar times this weekend - Beth & Bob at Findlay Mkt. on Saturday and Sunday, Susan & I at Hyde Park on Sunday, and Bob at Blue Ash on Wednesday. The following weekend, Susan and I will be figuring out how to rest in Ontario, so Beth & Bob will stand-in at Hyde Park on Sunday.

May the promise within summer's solstice inspire us all,

Drausin & Susan